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BluesMobile Last Mission is a game made for the Movie Game Jam in approximately 6-7 days. Is based on the chase scenes of the film Blues Brothers. The game is inspired in other old flash game called On The Run, where you have to run away from other evil cars that try to break your car.

All the assets are made by myself. I am a programmer, but I also want to learn to make models, design, music and other things, and this was a perfect project to try myself. I use some packages and textures that are listed below.

Virtual Lands terrain textures



rubberduck texture pack


Blacklight Simple Modular Road Kit


STAGIT EAST Earth & Planets skyboxes

https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/textures-materials/sky/earth-planets-skyboxes-53752  (this is a small spoiler)

And Unity default packages like environment (the trees), postprocessing, Car package (I think I only use the sound of the car from this) and the utils package.

Also I use the shake algorithm explained in this GDC conference.

The game is made in Unity. The models are created with Blender, and for the images and textures I used Photoshop. For the music I used LMMS.


After seeing the movie, I thought it will be crazy mix these two things. Running BluesMobile trying to escape from the police is amazing. It was a big project, but I thought that it can be done in 10 days. But at some point something happens that I couldn’t continue working on the project. Nothing serious, don’t worry. I have a lot of ideas for the game, but I only could implement a few. A point system for discovering secrets related to the movie, the nazi cars with the guns, the bazooka, some items like the megaphone and more music. I also want to improve the performance of the game, because some models like the buildings make a lot of framedrops and I don’t know how to configure Unity to improve that.

But the important one is in the game, the Bluesmobile backflip. Just figure it out how to do it.

I wish you like it the same I like to make it. Long live the blues.



Finish.zip 95 MB

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